Sustainability from responsibility

We take every opportunity to protect the environment – from the selection of ingredients through manufacture and onto delivery of finished products to our customers.


Environmental management

For our pioneer project we received a grant from the environmental innovation programme run by the German Ministry for the Environment, which supports forward-looking technologies that focus on saving resources.


Energy management

Our cogeneration plant supplies power for the production of petfood. We use the heat produced to cook the products. This allows us to achieve a much higher degree of efficiency compared to conventional electricity generation. A photovoltaic array on the roofs of our warehouse provides us with environmentally-friendly electricity.

Innovative Produktionstechnologie

Innovative production technology

Sustainable production technology saves water and energy. The production process that we started using in 2015 allows us to process fresh meat without drying it first.



We make sure that as little waste as possible is generated. Waste that is produced is strictly separated, and is reused or recycled wherever possible.


Organic exhaust air filter

BEWITAL has been using organic exhaust air filters to clean exhaust air from the production facility for over 15 years. We were the first petfood company to introduce an organic trickle bed filter in 2016. The reward for this investment we decided to make of our own volition is cleaner air and much lower energy consumption.