The BEWITAL milestones


BEWITAL agri starts operating a plant for micronutrient encapsulation

Nutrients are encapsulated in oils and fats and released at the precise site in the animal’s body where they are needed. This means that the newly developed products support animal health and reduce the use of antibiotics.

BEWITAL petfood enlarges the wet feed plant

Demand for our wet feed outstrips all expectations. The production area doubles in size just two years after opening.

westrans continues to forge ahead

High order volumes are now keeping 80 vehicles and 150 employees busy. 80% of the haulage business comes from customers outside the BEWITAL group.


Construction of a new warehouse for wet feed

The new plant receives fresh meat from nearby meat plants and prepares it for dry feed production. BEWITAL is unique in bringing together meat preparation, dry feed production and wet feed production in a single plant.


Construction of a new warehouse for finished products

Customers want more choice The warehouse is being significantly enlarged so that we can make up the 3 million or so orders positions needed each year individually.


New westrans office building

The company continues to grow: The westrans haulage company now has 110 employees and 60 vehicles. A larger office building and more social areas for commercial employees match the needs of the new capacities.



Foundation of BEWITAL by Bernhard Wigger.